The Black Mouth Cur or the Yellow Black Mouth Cur is a versatile breed that is used for a variety of jobs from hog hunting, treeing dog, cattle dog, property/personal protection, blood tracking, search and rescue or even just a beloved family dog breed. Here at Jackson Ranch our dogs come from mainly cow dog lines along with hog dog lines as well.  Black Mouth Cur dogs are the heavy hitter or the special forces of the cow dog world. Mainly used for cattle that are wild, flighty, cattle that hide in the thicket or brush, wanting to hook or fight or cattle that have gotten away with not getting penned, there is no job too rough for this breed. Most young dogs are naturals to the process of working cattle and only require a little encouragement from their handlers to get them started.


Yellow Black Mouth Cur Males


Jackson Ranch's Rusty

Rusty is our oldest male. Originally a hog dog, Rusty has made the transition to being a great cow dog. Rusty will work hard and can definitely handle those cows that want to hook and fight or run over dogs. He has a great gentle personality and is one of our older dogs that we use to help get pups started as well.


Jackson Ranch's Rowdy

Rowdy has been at Jackson Ranch since he was weaned. Rowdy comes from our Lazy SJ Lines that have been a part of our family's working line for decades. Rowdy has been a very tough dog from the first day he started working cows. Definitely one that can handle salty bottom cattle.


Black Mouth Cur Females


Jackson Ranch's Gypsy

Gypsy was obtained as another option as an out cross for our Lazy SJ lines. Gypsy is a very sweet gyp that has been tough from day one. She is one that does not take much from any cow no matter the size.


Jackson Ranch's Tinker

Tink is by Jackson Ranch's Rusty and out of Jackson's Ranch's Bella. Almost a Rusty miniature in looks, look for future crossings of her and Jackson Ranch's Rowdy.


Jackson Ranch's Nala

Nala is one of our newest females from our Lazy SJ lines. Tough but sweet from day one, we are looking forward to what she will bring to our working dog team.


Jackson Ranch Maggie 

Maggie is a 2 year old sister to Jackson Ranch Gypsy. Always full of energy and ready to work, Maggie always enjoys working cattle. She especially prefers when it’s time to dog break the rodeo stock. She is always up for the challenge. 


Jackson Ranch Bluebell

Jackson Ranch Bluebell is as hardworking as she is beautiful. Always serious about any work that needs to be completed, her focus is precise. Bred for a good nose and lots of wind to go all day. Looking forward to raising some beautifully marked working dogs out of her in the future.